Friday, 10 May 2013

Make your makeup last longer

Hey everyone,

      As its already summer time, I'm sure a lot of you might be having trouble making your makeup last longer. And the pollution doesn't help either. I'm here to tell you all a few tips and tricks that I use and am very happy and successful at making my makeup last longer.

      First I'll start with the eyes. Always prime your eye lids up to the eyebrows before applying any eye shadow. It will prevent your eye shadow from creasing or fading off. It will also prevent them from getting oily which is my major problem. For selecting eye liner, try to use a waterproof liquid liner. That stays on much longer and also will not be faded with sweat. It is also important to use a waterproof mascara.
      For lips, again try using a waterproof one. A lip stain would be best, as it stays on for a long time. If you're not using a lip stain then you can do another thing. Apply your lipstick on, then take a tissue paper and place it over your lips and apply some face powder over the tissue. Then remove the tissue paper and apply the lipstick again and follow the same steps once again. This will make your the color sink into your lips and let it stay on for long.

      Before applying foundation on your face, do apply a face primer. It makes a lot of difference. It will not only make your foundation last longer, but also prevent it from getting all patchy. It also makes your skin really smooth and reduces the appearance of pores. After applying your foundation, take a makeup setting spray and spray it all over your face. This will again set your makeup well and prevent it from wearing off too soon.

       After this apply powder to set your makeup even more. If you have a dry skin, pressed powder will also do the work. But for an oily skin, go for loose powder. This also helps prevent oiliness on your skin. For blush, go for a cream blush instead of a powder one. It will stay on longer. Or you can try benefit's benetint. Its a liquid cheek and lip stain.

     So that's all for today's post. I hope you all liked it. Do check out my tips on removing suntan naturally. Have a great weekend.

What do you do to make your makeup last longer?

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  1. Great tips, thanks :)

  2. What a lovely post darling , love it so much <3...I think we should follow on GFC and Bloglovin' ? I'm following you!

    Kiss ♥
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  3. Great tips :) I love summer but one thing I don't love is my makeup melting or how it looks if I get in the pool lol. So you should do a post on makeup that looks natural but still gives coverage and also is waterproof :) thnx for stopping by too luv!


    1. Thank you!! I'll surely do that Jess!! :)
      P.S. Love your blog so much! ;)

  4. That's an informative post. Thanks dear! :)
    Its indeed a pain to see the makeup melt along with the sweat in this hot, humid climate! :(
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